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light year


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  • 1Astronomy
    A unit of astronomical distance equivalent to the distance that light travels in one year, which is 9.4607 × 10¹² km (nearly 6 million million miles).

    ‘Neutrinos are ghostly particles that can travel through a light year of lead and they have no problem escaping directly from the core of a supernova.’
    • ‘If a star exploded a light year away, the increased cosmic ray intensity could have killed the animals by giving them all an intense dose of radiation.’
    • ‘A light year is a convenient means of distance measurement because conventional means in miles or kilometers is so large as to thwart true appreciation.’
    • ‘Superclusters are known with sizes as large as 300 million light years, containing as much as 10 solar masses of material.’
    • ‘In theory there should be no intelligent species within a million light years the solar system.’
    1. 1.1informal A long distance or great amount.
      • ‘the new range puts them light years ahead of the competition’
      • ‘Defensively, they are light years ahead of where they were last season.’
      • ‘In some ways, there are breeds of gull and sea bird who are light years ahead of us on the long-term commitment front and don't seem to have the same issues that we do.’
      • ‘The standard of director to be found in the country's boardrooms is light years ahead of the small - town businessmen who formerly ruled the roost.’
      • ‘It may not be the greatest show on earth, but it will be smooth, stylish and light years ahead of that old-fashioned show on the canvas screen.’
      • ‘The physicality and skill levels of both sides were simply light years ahead of anything that the home-based sides had to offer.’
      • ‘In St Lucia she's not only unbeatable but light years ahead of the competition.’
      • ‘Problem is they are all light years ahead of other local competitors and have little or no competition.’
      • ‘The UK is light years ahead of New Zealand in terms of planning for the extra demand for cancer services we are facing.’
      • ‘You have obviously raised the bar higher yet again and put your newspaper light years ahead of the rest.’
      • ‘Her passion to small business and her guts puts her light years ahead of her age.’
      • ‘Experience-wise, Norton was light years ahead of most college freshmen.’
      • ‘This is where sports such as diving and trampoline are light years ahead of gymnastics in terms of an accurate ranking system.’
      • ‘When completed, this phylogeny will push plants light years ahead of animals as subjects of macroevolutionary study.’
      • ‘These two companies are light years ahead of their European counterparts.’
      • ‘If you can teach your players the proper footwork, you'll be light years ahead of the pack.’
      • ‘He is the textbook on boxing, did everything perfect and was light years ahead of his time.’
      • ‘It is incomprehensible that a few hundred yards of track cannot be laid across Bradford, which is light years behind cities such as Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester.’
      • ‘Philosophically, we are now light years away from the era in which John F. Kennedy made his plea for separation of politics and faith.’
      • ‘The rugby world has moved light years from the sort of brute strength tactics that England deployed in this year's Six Nations and alternatives are available.’
      • ‘It's also light years beyond anything you'll read on this topic in the newspapers tomorrow.’