Meaning of lighting in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlʌɪtɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • 1Equipment in a room, building, or street for producing light.

    ‘fluorescent bulbs for street lighting’
    • ‘But this week diggers moved in to start work on improving street lighting in the area.’
    • ‘The festive street lighting is currently being erected and there are a number of new features this year.’
    • ‘Changes to the environment, such as improving street lighting in known problem areas, are among other possibilities.’
    • ‘Upstairs, the family bathroom with tiled floor, part-tiled walls and recessed lighting is located on the return level.’
    • ‘The accommodation includes an entrance hall with polished timber flooring, ceiling coving, recessed lighting and understairs storage.’
    • ‘A handrail and improved lighting was also installed.’
    • ‘All technical steps were carried out under dim indirect lighting.’
    • ‘For times when daylight is insufficient, there is high-efficiency, direct/indirect fluorescent lighting with multi-level controls.’
    • ‘After about 1900, banks, offices, libraries, and schools installed artificial lighting.’
    • ‘My eyes slowly adjusted to the dim lighting in the room.’
    • ‘Metal halide lamps were used to provide artificial lighting.’
    • ‘Eliminate the glare from artificial light by switching from direct to indirect overhead lighting.’
    • ‘Standing them in water will keep the stems shiny and plump but be careful when using electric lighting near water.’
    • ‘The subdued lighting of the room makes the white walls look gray.’
    • ‘With poor lighting and an obscure target, my effective range would get significantly shorter.’
    • ‘We do have a development budget, and we are working to improve the lighting.’
    • ‘Battery powered lanterns and lamps stood on most available surfaces to provide additional lighting.’
    • ‘If there are lanterns in the scene, arrange them to provide additional fill-in lighting.’
    • ‘They will cover the shopping precinct and lighting in the area will also improve.’
    • ‘The blinking of fluorescent lighting has done something detrimental to their brain chemistry.’
    1. 1.1The arrangement or effect of lights.
      ‘the lighting was very flat’
      • ‘In terms of graphics, the game features an engine capable of creating the most glorious lighting and particle effects.’
      • ‘But a clever and adaptable set, brilliant lighting effects and superb performances from the ensemble brought Greene's story to life.’
      • ‘The game sometimes dazzles with solid lighting and water effects.’
      • ‘The changes start right from the sets - colourful new backdrops sporting portraits of legendary musicians, all new lighting and special effects would be used.’
      • ‘Pointed lighting and sound effects, meant to signal mounting tension and climax, would be much more complementary in a production that had its dramatic act together.’
      • ‘Direct from Dublin, it's a blend of fancy footwork, furious fiddling and moody lighting and stage effects.’
      • ‘The lighting and effects were beyond imagination, and the massive strobes surrounding the drums could have had me in a fit.’
      • ‘Objects look too chunky, and figures look too angular, although there are some nice lighting and water effects.’
      • ‘The lighting and shadowing effects have been refined.’
      • ‘Hyper-detailed textures and some of the most amazing lighting effects you've ever seen grace the hard-hitting action.’
      • ‘Overall, it was a somewhat average show, bolstered by plenty of eye candy in the form of an elaborate set and extravagant lighting and special effects.’
      • ‘The lighting and special effects have been rendered perfectly.’
      • ‘The palette of effects ranges from dynamic lighting to day and night schedules and on to changing weather conditions in real time.’
      • ‘Distant storms staged an ever-changing drama before us, with full lighting and sound effects.’
      • ‘Special effects and inventive lighting also contribute a sense of fantasy.’
      • ‘What an awful show with bad acting, lousy scripts, ridiculous effects, and poor lighting.’
      • ‘An uncomfortable silence settled, leaving the two with their own thoughts in the poor lighting of the prop room.’
      • ‘Poor lighting at night made the corner even more dangerous.’
      • ‘A large part of development went into the real-time lighting, and it shows.’
      • ‘All shadows are real-time, and all entities respond to the real-time lighting.’
      light, lighting, radiance, gleam, glitter, brilliance, glow, glare, dazzle, flash, shimmer