Meaning of lightning chess in English:

lightning chess


mass noun
  • A form of chess in which moves must be made at very short intervals.

    ‘We do that to an extent… we have rapid-play tournaments and lightning chess.’
    • ‘On Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 January a lightning chess tournament will be held in the Heliomare Rehabilitation Centre.’
    • ‘Several players commented that they would have relished the prospect of playing Jacob, but it appears that he is no easier to beat at lightning chess than in normal chess.’
    • ‘The tournament runs from January 15 to 24, with additional rapid-play and lightning chess events on January 25 and 26.’
    • ‘In the evenings that followed, Bobby often invited Stein, with whom he had become friendly, to new lightning chess encounters, in which first one and then the other would emerge the winner.’
    • ‘Special activities are occasionally run such as lightning chess nights, guest speakers, simultaneous demonstrations and chess camps.’
    • ‘Those who enjoy fast paced games have the option of playing blitz or lightning chess.’
    • ‘Ever since the Tal Club was founded, every chess player from in and around the city has benefited as much from friendly matches and the lightning chess competitions played there as they have from its chess library, which, besides a wealth of chess books and magazines, offers publications from the numerous Tal Clubs round the world.’
    • ‘This was brought about through the occurrence of six drawn games in the first four rounds, an unusually high proportion at lightning chess.’
    • ‘‘Competition’ means any tournament, league, match or any other competition in which ICU members participate, including ‘rapid chess’ competitions but excluding both internal club championships, speed and lightning chess events, and events under the auspices of the IJCA and ICCA or the Community games.’
    • ‘At the great 1914 tournament in St. Petersburg, with most of the world's leading players (except those of the Austro-Hungarian empire), Capablanca met the great Emanuel Lasker across the chessboard for the first time in normal tournament play (Capablanca had won a knock-out lightning chess final game in 1906, leading to a famous joint endgame composition).’