Meaning of lignify in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɪɡnɪfʌɪ/

verbverb lignifies, verb lignifying, verb lignified

[no object]Botany
  • Become rigid and woody by the deposition of lignin in cell walls.

    ‘protoplasts are needed for the cell walls to continue to thicken and lignify’
    • ‘lignified xylem cells’
    • ‘In the tertiary state of development endodermal cells deposit lignified cell wall material onto the suberin lamella.’
    • ‘The secondary parenchyma produced by the successive cambia is not lignified and serves as a starch storage tissue.’
    • ‘For example, microcrystalline pyrite is ubiquitous on the inner surface of cell walls, within lignified cell walls and in the middle lamella.’
    • ‘Eventually these new lamellae also become lignified themselves.’
    • ‘Ultrastructurally, parenchymatous cell walls are coalified, whereas microcrystalline pyrite plus coalified material were observed within lignified cell walls.’