Meaning of likely-looking in English:



  • Appearing to be probable or suitable.

    ‘he is currently the most likely-looking candidate’
    • ‘likely-looking books’
    • ‘This program simply scans a text file for lines containing likely-looking dates.’
    • ‘That means tornado researchers have to chase likely-looking thunderstorms hoping a tornado might form.’
    • ‘Using hand-held torches they peered into every likely-looking cave.’
    • ‘Despite putting traps into three likely-looking locations, it took seven weeks to capture four leopards.’
    • ‘This makes it easy to walk beside the river, stopping off to fish at likely-looking spots, of which there are plenty.’
    • ‘Many sportsmen believed it scandalous that such likely-looking trout waters had no fish.’
    • ‘When I wanted to check the air in my tyres and didn't know the word in Japanese, I just pointed to the most likely-looking machine.’
    • ‘On the way, and you would surely go via Denby Dale, you could stop off at any likely-looking cafes and suchlike.’
    • ‘Armed with pitchers of drinks to share with any likely-looking applicants, we chatted up every attractive woman between the ages of 22 and 42 that we met.’
    • ‘The advances that some of the most likely-looking first-time writers get today are pretty much guaranteed to lose the publisher money.’
    good, encouraging, favourable, hopeful, full of promise, auspicious, propitious, optimistic, positive, bright, rosy, likely-looking, heartening, reassuring