Meaning of Limburger in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɪmbəːɡə/


mass noun
  • A soft white cheese with a characteristic strong smell, originally made in Limburg.

    ‘The nation's only Limburger and Gruyere cheese plants are located here, just a few short miles from each other.’
    • ‘Seven years ago, he launched a national phenomenon with the help of Limburger cheese, smoke machines and roaming demons.’
    • ‘Regarding favorite regional flavors and tastes, Fay recalls a funny story about the production of Limburger cheese that was once banned from shipment by the U.S. Postal Service.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, once in a while one would surface and change the course of events, for example, when an unnamed student placed some Limburger cheese in the ventilating system.’
    • ‘As an actor, he was the essence of Limburger cheese.’
    • ‘The Biology award went to a group that showed a species of mosquito is equally attracted to people's stinky feet as to Limburger cheese.’
    • ‘Incidentally, Limburger cheese was first made in The Netherlands by monks.’
    • ‘Smith stopped at Baumgartner's tavern in Monroe where he ordered a Limburger cheese sandwich with raw onions and mustard on rye bread.’
    • ‘Nicolas Gerber, for instance, opened a Limburger cheese factory in New Glarus in 1868, as did Jacob Karlen in nearby Monroe in 1878.’