Meaning of lime juicer in English:

lime juicer


informal, dated Australian
  • A British person.

    • ‘he had an inherited contempt for lime juicers’
    • ‘There's plenty booting in lime-juicers, I guess—though I don't deny but what some of them are soft.’
    • ‘We don't want any lime juicers here.’
    • ‘They is noisy-tongued lime juicers.’
    • ‘The mate pulled a gun on a lime-juicer in port here last trip.’
    • ‘The daily allowance for the sailors was 1 ounce lemon juice with 1 ounce sugar, the lemon juice being often called "lime juice" and our sailors "lime juicers."’
    • ‘Well, never mind—it's all in a lifetime—and who ever heard of a lime juicer winning a race anyway!’
    • ‘"I'm sorry to have to inform them," I went on, "that this lime juicer has been licked."’
    • ‘Where's that lime juicer—you son of a gun, come out and face me!’
    • ‘I guess you've fixed me this time all right, and you're the first lime juicer who ever did it.’
    • ‘You lime juicers don't know what good grub is.’


Mid 19th century with reference to the former enforced consumption of lime juice in the British navy (see Limey).