Meaning of limen in English:


nounplural noun limens, plural noun limina/ˈlɪmɪnə/

  • A threshold below which a stimulus is not perceived or is not distinguished from another.

    ‘One enters into ritual time and ritual space by passing over a limen, a threshold, such as one finds at a doorway.’
    • ‘Academics call it ‘liminality’, from the Latin limen - the line separating, or failing to separate, Arthur from Martha.’
    • ‘The approach of death - or a willed approach to the radius of death - brings the subject to the limen of that void.’
    lower limit, starting point, minimum, margin



/ˈlʌɪmɛn/ /ˈliːmɛn/


Mid 17th century from Latin, ‘threshold’.