Meaning of limescale in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlʌɪmskeɪl/

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mass nounBritish
  • A hard white substance consisting chiefly of calcium carbonate, deposited by water on the inside of pipes, kettles, etc.

    ‘The Do It Yourself Network covers practicalities such as using vinegar in warm water to remove limescale, and the best way to paint the front door.’
    • ‘But there has been a problem - the hard water in Wanganui means I have had severe limescale deposits.’
    • ‘In the bathroom, clean the loo, sink and bath, in, out, up and over, as if the President herself might alight upon them at any time, and get rid of any limescale that will suggest hard water problems.’
    • ‘It's worth mentioning that if you have a problem with limescale in your kettle, your camellia should be watered with lime-free rainwater.’
    • ‘The wife has been desperately trying to unblock years-worth of accumulated grease, coffee grounds, a false tooth, hair, calcium, limescale and other unmentionables using pumps, wires, acids and caustic soda, all to little effect.’
    • ‘They showed how distilled white wine vinegar was good for tackling limescale, shower doors and mirrors and how bicarbonate of soda was perfect for stainless steel, sinks and even smelly trainers.’
    • ‘Distilled white wine vinegar is good on limescale, for wiping down a shower door and is great on mirrors’
    • ‘The game around Barnsley was known as Potty Knocking or just Knurr as the Knurr is a ceramic sphere about 15 mm in diameter commonly used in the kettles of the pre war era to stop limescale furring it up.’
    • ‘My husband, who is more up on these things, informed me that you can now buy kettles without an element - a real boon for us, as the water in our London outback is made up of 80% limescale.’
    • ‘It's a cruel twist of fate that, when you've taken the trouble to wear fancy pants, you're bound to wind up the night alone making cheese on toast and chipping limescale off the toilet bowl.’
    • ‘His own company had to come back and bleed the radiators after the new pump was put in, because the sheer power of it shifted old limescale and gunged the system up.’
    • ‘It was crusted on the base and beneath the constantly-dripping hot tap with a thick layer of limescale - beige in colour and impossible to remove with anything less than a chisel.’
    • ‘It was filthy - all spilled shampoo and limescale - as if five male students were living there, rather than one middle-aged woman.’
    • ‘If you have limescale on your taps, an easy way to get it off is to soak a handful of tissue with white vinegar, pop it in a plastic bag and then fix it onto the tap with an elastic band so that the limescale is in the tissue.’