Meaning of limiter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɪmɪtə/

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  • 1A person or thing that limits something.

    ‘And sometimes they have a quality that is incredible, just the sheer texture of the sound, this crushed, squashed sound that you get from using cheap limiters and so on.’
    • ‘Yesterday, the hotel undertook to relocate noise limiters which shut down live music if it gets too loud and to increase security outside the premises.’
    • ‘Both front belts have height-adjustable top mounts, pre-tensioners and load limiters.’
    • ‘EU iPods have a sound limiter to comply with noise safety levels, however sometimes users hack through this in order to listen to it louder.’
    • ‘Neighbours were assured among the conditions for the licence would be those recommended by the police, such as a noise limiter, the doors and windows would be kept shut and internal security cameras provided.’
    • ‘Reports commonly cite ‘poor logistics’ as the major limiter of e-business in China, with little hope for improvement on the horizon.’
    • ‘They also requested the back door be kept shut when the private club was open, a sound limiter was installed in the function room and that music should be finished by 12.15 am.’
    • ‘A temperature limiter has a set level at which it stops, to prevent water becoming dangerously hot.’
    • ‘In addition to adaptive front airbags, the new E-Class is now equipped with two stage belt force limiters and automatic weight classification for the front passenger.’
    1. 1.1Electronics A circuit whose output is restricted to a certain range of values irrespective of the size of the input.
      Also called clipper
      ‘An active cascode amplifier circuit which includes an active cascode amplifier and an amplitude limiter.’
      • ‘A device for adjusting gain in a microphone of a wireless communications device includes adjustable digital gain logic coupled to the microphone and a limiter coupled to the adjustable digital gain logic.’
      • ‘A current limiter is configured to limit current flow through the reference electrode and thereby reduce corrosion of the reference electrode.’
      • ‘The data is used to calculate gain, DC offset and DC differential values, which are used to determine the conversion values programmed into the lookup tables or the gain adjust limiter.’
      • ‘Circuit and method for controlling an inrush current limiter in a power conversion system that includes power factor correction’
    2. 1.2A device that prevents a vehicle from being driven above a specified speed.
      ‘The speed limiter has been deactivated, and the mighty SL will now reach 175 mph and dash to 60 mph in approximately six seconds, but it's the true power in the midrange that stands out.’
      • ‘The speed limiter is a good idea because you can go fast.’
      • ‘If you have ever seen the steering wheel of a Formula One car, you will have noticed the half dozen buttons and switches on it that control functions from the pit lane speed limiter to the brake balance.’
      • ‘In addition, unlike the previous model, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability programme and cruise control and speed limiter are all fitted as standard on the new model.’
      • ‘The commissioner also heard that on other occasions a Hunter's coach had been found with a defective tyre in Bridlington, and another had a defective speed limiter.’
      • ‘A further 16 charges, relating to driving with a defective speed limiter, were found proven.’
      • ‘Some might even have been able to give their driver an automatic speed limiter like they use in the pit lane.’
      • ‘It's now possible to an fit an automatic speed limiter to your car so that you simply can't exceed the speed limit.’
      • ‘It was not technically possible for all of the teams to fit and use a speed limiter in the time available.’
      • ‘A further button (usually yellow) will operate the pit-lane speed limiter.’
      • ‘The Teams would have been unable to fit a speed limiter which would have operated round Turn 13 in the time available.’
      • ‘I came off the speed limiter fractionally early and picked up a penalty, which cost us a podium.’
      • ‘Instead of its hard-hitting torque and throttle response, we're tuning our engine to deliver a more refined rush that keeps building until you reach the 155-mph speed limiter.’
      • ‘It is largely gimmick-free apart from the automatic headlamps and artificial speed limiter.’
      • ‘Safety aids of all kinds, both active and passive abound, and there is cruise control with a limiter built in - very useful as speed checks proliferate.’
      • ‘It's a smooth and flexible motor that pulls strongly from low revs right round to the limiter cutting in at 7200 rpm.’
      • ‘Fitting speed limiters would not prevent accidents or stop bad driving but could, in some cases, cause accidents because drivers would be unable to accelerate out of danger if ever there was the need.’
      • ‘If you want to stop people speeding - fix speed limiters in cars, or create some system that will automatically limit cars to the speed limit in an area.’
      • ‘In short, Staysafe wants the NSW government to introduce speed limiters on every motorised vehicle sold there.’
      • ‘Edmund King, of the Motorist's Foundation, said limiters might make motorists less alert: ‘If you take too much control away the driver could switch on to autopilot.’’