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  • 1A large, luxurious car, especially one driven by a chauffeur who is separated from the passengers by a partition.

    ‘the Prince was whisked away in a black limousine’
    • ‘The noise grows louder and she is blinded by the headlights of a black limousine, which is hurtling towards her.’
    • ‘The Defendant engaged in frequent and expensive foreign travel with his wife, went out to numerous restaurants, and made lavish use of chauffeur driven limousines all at the Company's expense.’
    • ‘Some were driven in black limousines with mirrored windows and no registration plates.’
    • ‘With fragrant roses, beautiful costumes and doves, the brides and bridegrooms will have to stand in luxurious limousines which then drive along the main commercial street, Huaihai Lu, in procession.’
    • ‘They lined the pockets of certain individuals, who despite the company's bankruptcy, will continue to live in their grand mansions and will continue to drive their luxurious limousines.’
    • ‘The chauffeur of the black limousine got down from the vehicle and went to open the back passenger seat.’
    • ‘Draynor physically shoved his chauffeur out of the limousine and climbed into the driver's seat.’
    • ‘We will take a ride in a luxurious limousine that contains a TV, all at my expense.’
    • ‘Witnesses said a man in a baseball cap opened fire as the minister was about to get into a chauffeur-driven limousine in the parking lot of the Dutch media centre in the central city of Hilversum.’
    • ‘Out in the circle of the driveway was a long, black car - a limousine - with a tall man opening the door for us.’
    • ‘Jonnie Adair drives the black limousine up to the driveway, then shifts the car into park.’
    • ‘the man behind the podium asked them, his eyes briefly following the black limousine as it drove towards the open lot for parking beside the restaurant.’
    • ‘In his black limousine with the number one license plate, he would be driven into Chicago in solitary splendor.’
    • ‘He strolled to a window and opened the shutters to peer down at the street far below, where nine black limousines were parading past the entrance to discharge their passengers one by one.’
    • ‘At a tender age he had become a chauffeur to a wealthy woman and was in charge of a fleet of limousines, Mercedes Benz cars and Alfa Romeos.’
    • ‘The lucky winner and a friend will spend a night at the five star St David's Hotel and Spa and will be chauffeur driven in a limousine during their stay.’
    • ‘We step into the black limousine waiting outside the building.’
    • ‘Heads turned as a black limousine pulled up on the edge of the footpath.’
    • ‘The black limousine came slowly around the corner and pulled up next to the colossal sight that was Air Force One.’
    • ‘Mr Miranda was cleaning his limousine at the car wash when a red pickup pulled in and parked in a wash bay.’
    1. 1.1mainly North American A car licensed to transport passengers in return for payment, typically more luxurious than a taxi and not fitted with a taximeter.
    2. 1.2mainly North American A passenger vehicle carrying people to and from an airport.
      ‘They were met on the airport apron by a fleet of coaches and limousines which carried them across the border to Castle Leslie.’
      • ‘Audi made the well-intentioned mistake of taking us from and to the airport in flagship A8 limousines, not one of which rode as well as this.’
      • ‘In a limousine leaving the airport, agent and client spoke for five or six minutes.’
      • ‘Tyson gave the jewellery to Finkel and, in a fit of rage, stomped out of his hotel, took a limousine to the airport and announced he was going home.’
      • ‘When we finally left in despair, the casino paid for a limousine to the airport.’
      • ‘Putting on a pair of sunglasses to protect herself from the bright morning sun, a woman follows her chauffeur out of the airport to a waiting limousine.’
      • ‘Transportation from Lester B. Pearson International Airport is available by taxicab, airport limousine and airport express bus.’
      • ‘The two leaders had an opportunity to speak with each other for about 20 minutes during a limousine ride from Sunan airport to the Paekhwawon, the report said.’
      • ‘Eight national car rental chains are located at the airport; taxi and limousines are also available.’
      • ‘Since his arrival, Edgar said, ‘there are no limousines picking people up and taking them to the airport,’ and no longer are corporate credit cards being used in questionable ways.’
      • ‘But under current licensing laws limousines are not permitted to carry any more than eight paying passengers.’
      • ‘I then had one of the hotel's limousines take us to the airport to head back home.’
      • ‘The limousine was waiting at the airport, and an hour later we were in Treetops, which was exactly as it said it was, with a pool and 50 yards from the beach.’
      • ‘Most of the luggage was already packed into a rented limousine that would take them to the Los Angeles International Airport, several miles away.’
      • ‘When all was settled, the two couples parted, one getting into their limousine to be taken to the airport while the other into their car to go home.’
      • ‘They stepped out of the airport on the other side and Jason signaled at a limousine nearby.’
      • ‘Guest services include portable telefax units, guest history program, and airport limousine and representative.’
      • ‘They were offered flights to Brisbane and accommodation on the Gold Coast for $100 each as well as a limousine from the airport and lunch at Sanctuary Cove.’
      • ‘The best part is the economics of not having to pay for a $25-50.00 airport limousine between the airport and hotel at each end of my trip.’



/ˈlɪməziːn/ /ˌlɪməˈziːn/


Early 20th century from French, feminine adjective meaning ‘of Limousin’, originally denoting a caped cloak worn in Limousin (see Limousin): originally the driver's seat of the car was outside in a separate compartment, covered with a canopy.