Meaning of limpidity in English:


Pronunciation /lɪmˈpɪdɪti/


See limpid

‘Having arrived in England in 1938 at the age of 23 as a student with very little English, he soon mastered the language sufficiently to write prose of outstanding clarity and limpidity.’
  • ‘Perhaps the most notable of these celebrations is found in ‘River Music’, a three-part sequence in which he tried to draw a connection between the limpidity to which the medium lends itself and his own poetic ideal.’
  • ‘In his estimation, the Authorized Version, more than any other European Bible, had a flowing limpidity combined with ritual overtones.’
  • ‘Overall, the tonal balance, flattening of forms and coolness of colouring projects a feeling of utter limpidity.’
  • ‘The limpidity of intellect she enjoyed for most of her wretched life was inborn.’