Meaning of Lincoln green in English:

Lincoln green

Pronunciation /lɪŋkənˈɡriːn/


mass noun historical
  • Bright green woollen cloth originally made at Lincoln.

    ‘Symbolically, Leo wears Lincoln green (like Robin Hood), is teased by Marcus for being ‘green’, and is infatuated with Marian, Marcus' sister.’
    • ‘This Robin Hood is a real outlaw whose actions have consequences, not an imposter lounging lazily on the greensward and plucking venison, oat-cakes, and suits of Lincoln green off convenient trees.’
    • ‘In Robin's world, each of his merry man is promised three suits of Lincoln green each year, along with a salary, venison, ‘sweet oaten cakes, and curds and honey’.’
    • ‘Pure wool, fine wool felt, polyester, silk and waxed copper are dyed with colours such as red, black, orange, Lincoln green, dusky pink and China white.’
    • ‘Deciding whether to go with Lincoln green or Washington blue, that's an artistic choice.’
    greenish, viridescent