Meaning of line abreast in English:

line abreast


  • A formation in which a number of ships travel side by side.

    ‘About 12.30 pm, during the general mêlée, three aircraft came at our starboard side, more or less in line abreast.’
    • ‘I cross-checked my formation… I'm out of position, aft of line abreast.’
    • ‘After the other escort aircraft landed, all aircraft taxied to the dais, parked line abreast, and carried out a formation shutdown.’
    • ‘He looked out his bubble window and saw a mixed gaggle of Fw 190s and Me 109s closing head-on in line abreast.’
    • ‘Marching in precision the Thunderbolts spread out line abreast, gun switches and guns sights on, propeller pitch increased for more power.’