Meaning of line break in English:

line break

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  • A point at which text is split into two lines; the end of a line.

    ‘even the freest free verse must justify its rhythms and line breaks’
    • ‘Due to necessities of formatting, line breaks in the transcription are distorted.’
    • ‘Her line breaks are uniquely hers, beautifully jolting without any winking self-congratulation.’
    • ‘The odd, unexpected rhyme can come like an oasis in a desert of (seemingly) disconnected thought and jarring line breaks.’
    • ‘We removed the spaces between words and inserted arbitrary line breaks.’
    • ‘Rather than slow down the reading pace, the sound shape of the poem intensifies the oral density of each line, somehow nearly erasing the line breaks.’
    • ‘It's not hesitation in his voice, but pacing, almost as if his sentences have line breaks already built into them.’
    • ‘O'Hara uses the line breaks to break up the sinuous fluidity of each sentence, shifting it from one direction to another.’
    • ‘He had to decide how to sequence the stories and ads on any given page, and when to put in line breaks.’
    • ‘She also is capable of perpetrating some God-awful line breaks, such as ending a line with the word "like."’
    • ‘He not only insisted poems appear in all lowercase but took other liberties with line breaks, punctuation, parentheses, which often amounted to a tricky cleverness.’