Meaning of line breeding in English:

line breeding


mass noun
  • The selective breeding of animals for a desired feature by mating them within a closely related line.

    ‘By recording dog genealogies and adopting practices such as line breeding, breeders started producing dogs so varied that they seemed quite different from their ancestors.’
    • ‘The Scottish Terrier, once known as the Aberdeen Terrier, and generally known as the Scottie, has existed in various forms for many centuries, but it was not until after 1800 that line breeding began.’
    • ‘Questions from reporters about the possibility of inbreeding - or line breeding, as it's known in the kennel trade - were met with the stereotypical Arnold sneer.’
    • ‘Highfield relies on line breeding, not in breeding.’
    • ‘With line breeding you will know in advance to some degree what the puppies will look like and how they most likely will behave.’
    • ‘Outcrossing the wrong two dogs can be much more of a disaster than line breeding the right ones.’
    • ‘The upside in line breeding is that the puppies will have uniformity in color, shape, and size.’
    • ‘Third and fourth generation selective line breeding of P. violacea is now becoming available.’
    • ‘Normally, that would be a composite result of generations of line breeding rather than immediate inbreeding.’
    • ‘This breeding of like to like requires some intense line breeding of certain individuals.’
    • ‘Each person has their own specifics when defining inbreeding, line breeding, and out-crossing.’
    • ‘Actually the distinction between inbreeding and line breeding cannot be sharply defined.’
    • ‘There seems to be a vast misunderstanding about line breeding, what it is, why it is done and how it is done.’
    • ‘This problem has always been a prevalent fault in the breed, but one which we had avoided for a long time, mainly because of line breeding to Sir Bear who excelled in shoulders.’
    • ‘The purpose of both line breeding and inbreeding is to bring about breed improvement to get the best that is possible out of ones matings and to upgrade his stock.’
    • ‘Most breeders practice some form of line breeding, generally focusing on one of the important studs in their breed.’
    • ‘Breeders will tell you they have tried everything from line breeding to the top animals to complimentary breeding, but the results still seem to be in the hands of the Gods.’