Meaning of line of fire in English:

line of fire

Pronunciation /ˌlʌɪn əv ˈfʌɪə/

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  • The expected path of gunfire or a missile.

    ‘residents within line of fire were evacuated from their homes’
    • ‘Sixteen residents have been put up in temporary accommodation and 43 are trapped in their homes because they are in the gunman's line of fire.’
    • ‘He saw Jim try to move out of the line of fire, but it was too late.’
    • ‘Instead a public servant has been sent into the line of fire as a fall-guy, a scapegoat, to take the heat.’
    • ‘A brave Russian soldier threw himself at the czar, pushed him out of the line of fire, and thereby saved his life.’
    • ‘Finally out of the enemy's direct line of fire, David took a close look at the opposition's positions.’
    • ‘Fox stepped forwards, but still managed to keep out of the line of fire.’
    • ‘A burst of fire came through the doorway, but I held my position around the corner, out of the line of fire.’
    • ‘And chief executives are not the only ones in the line of fire.’
    • ‘One of my sergeants was killed trying to get a batch of children out of the line of fire in some little town I never knew the name of.’
    • ‘She tried to edge backwards and out of the line of fire.’