Meaning of line of vision in English:

line of vision

Pronunciation /ˌlʌɪn əv ˈvɪʒ(ə)n/

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  • The straight line along which an observer looks.

    ‘Jimmy moved forward into Len's line of vision’
    • ‘I awoke with a headache; the sun glinted straight into my line of vision from a gap in the curtains.’
    • ‘Emerging from the hallway, viewers found a tiny, ramshackle wooden cabin directly in their line of vision.’
    • ‘Mr Smyth says that as you approach the roundabouts in a busy line of traffic, the large road signs which have been erected can block your line of vision.’
    • ‘The man keeps smiling at me and I avert my eyes but somehow he is able to manoeuvre himself around so he's constantly in my line of vision.’
    • ‘The best thing to do is to test a patch on part of the wall that is out of the usual line of vision, for example, behind a piece of furniture or near the skirting in an alcove or corner.’
    • ‘The L-shape design does at times obstruct the bartender's line of vision.’
    • ‘Brett followed her line of vision and smiled when he saw the kitten.’
    • ‘Realizing he did not have Inge's attention, he followed her line of vision.’
    • ‘But one lady remained standing by the door, talking to someone just out of Mariana's line of vision.’
    • ‘Mikhail, standing slightly out of his friend's line of vision, rolled his eyes.’