Meaning of line work in English:

line work


mass noun
  • Drawings or designs carried out with a pen or pencil.

    ‘The primary technique of chemical etching will be used to create line work and aquatint effects, in addition to various drypoint options.’
    • ‘Visually, his art is specifically stylized, with thin line work and meticulous attention to detail.’
    • ‘Her line work is enriched by the wetness of the mud, which is applied with sensitivity and refinement.’
    • ‘Details are achieved by applying either direct line work with the conte or ebony pencil, and little or no turpenoid to diffuse it.’
    • ‘For projects that require a sketch quality, he does all of the line work in pencil.’
    • ‘I was consuming a lot of - nothing modern, but I was really obsessed with the line work and the drawings of, say, from Lautrec, to Matisse drawings, Renoir drawings.’
    • ‘She seemed to know exactly what colours and line work the portrait needed to really express what had been going on.’
    • ‘He elevates anime to the realm of high art, expressing heavy psychological and sociological themes through creative line work and animation.’
    • ‘Some artists do line work well, some do color well, some do fill well.’
    • ‘I suggested fish, shells, flowers and other objects that had enough line work to use the wax as a way to delineate different areas.’
    • ‘While I like the simplified line work used for the series, the animation tends to drift between thriftiness and sloppy.’
    • ‘The print seems a little light, sometimes blurring the delicate, almost perforated line work.’
    • ‘His line work is expressive and spare, almost ecstatically austere: He can suggest a coat or a tree - the light on an object and the weight of it - with a few judicious, scraggly lines.’
    • ‘Her background as a medical photographer led to her experiment with lithography film, most often used to shoot text and line work.’
    • ‘Drawn pages were on display as artworks, in their original size so that one could get up close and examine the often bewilderingly intricate line work.’
    • ‘Use the fine black permanent marker to do the line work.’