Meaning of linish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɪnɪʃ/


[with object] technical
  • Polish or remove excess material from (something) by contact with an abrasive moving belt.

    ‘after mitring, the tube is cleaned, degreased, and then linished’
    • ‘It has been engraved with personalised, white paint filled, and then linished for a clean finish.’
    • ‘The component mounting surfaces are machined, generally linished and remain uncoated.’
    • ‘The surface of a sheet of steel was degreased and linished, and then a slurry was sprayed onto it.’
    • ‘We use linishing pads to flatten the welds, then a conditioning pad, then a coarse scotchbrite wheel mouted in a handheld polisher to regrain and clean the fillets.’
    • ‘Using one piece per side, linish the axle where the rear seal of the hub will sit until smooth.’


1970s (as a verb): blend of linen and finish.