Meaning of linksland in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɪŋksland/


mass nounScottish
  • Level or undulating sandy ground covered by coarse grass and near the sea.

    ‘Shaped by one of the few men to be trusted with the last precious piece of bona fide linksland in Scotland, it is truly beautiful.’
    • ‘The best linksland, by contrast, is sand-based with towering dunes and endless slopes.’
    • ‘Perched on true linksland a hundred feet above the Pacific, Bandon Dunes and its sister, Pacific Dunes, captured our Best New honors in '99 and '01.’
    • ‘There may not be many reasons to leave the highway, but, not unlike the image of the beaver on the reverse side of the state flag, Oregon's linksland is a surprise worth discovering.’
    • ‘It plays slightly uphill over what closely resembles knobby linksland with its strategic array of Scottish bunkers, some visible, some not.’