Meaning of lipaemia in English:


Pronunciation /lɪˈpiːmɪə/


(US lipemia)
mass nounMedicine
  • The presence in the blood of an abnormally high concentration of emulsified fat.

    ‘Additional symptoms of diabetes mellitus include excessive thirst, glucosuria, polyuria, lipemia and hunger.’
    • ‘The photo-optical method 42 has the advantage of being automated and is minimally influenced by the presence of fibrin split products or low levels of hemolysis, lipemia, or bilirubin.’
    • ‘If visible lipemia is noticed, the lipid infusion should be stopped and a serum triglyceride level measured.’
    • ‘These serum specimens were anicteric and showed no evidence of lipemia or hemolysis.’
    • ‘Clinical trials have shown that a dose of 4 g/day is effective at regulating postprandial lipemia.’


Late 19th century from Greek lipos ‘fat’ + -aemia.