Meaning of lipolytic in English:




See lipolysis

‘During the postinjury catabolic and lipolytic response, one would expect insecticides, as well as other lipophilic chemicals, to be released from fat depots.’
  • ‘Finally, growth hormone is lipolytic, inducing the breakdown of tissue lipids and thus providing energy supplies that are used to support the stimulated protein synthesis induced by increased amino acid uptake.’
  • ‘In addition to its powerful, extended-release thermogenic and lipolytic activity, it can also be an excellent pre-workout pick-me-up.’
  • ‘Most diets will increase the number of lipogenic enzymes (fat storing) and decrease the lipolytic enzymes (fat burning).’
  • ‘Anabolic implants that contain estrogens, androgens, or a combination of the two do not have a direct lipolytic effect on adipose tissue.’