Meaning of liquidation in English:


Pronunciation /lɪkwɪˈdeɪʃ(ə)n/

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mass noun
  • 1The process of liquidating a business.

    ‘the company went into liquidation’
    • ‘One month after these events it went into liquidation owing creditors over £100,000.’
    • ‘It went into examinership in August after its British business went into liquidation and it was forced to close offices worldwide.’
    • ‘During the time he spent behind bars his business went into liquidation.’
    • ‘That company went into liquidation and she and the appellant then decided to market such a course themselves.’
    • ‘The Company itself went into creditors' voluntary liquidation under the Insolvency Act 1986 pursuant to resolutions passed on 26 January 1998.’
    • ‘In that case a person injured in a road accident had obtained judgment for damages against a company, but had been unable to enforce the judgment before the company went into liquidation.’
    • ‘The railway was established in 1924, as the damage caused to the infrastructure during the War of Independence was irreparable, and the company became bankrupt and went into liquidation.’
    • ‘The Bank continued, after the February 1988 notices had been served and until the company went into liquidation in July 1991, to keep an eye on the company and its progress in selling its housing stock.’
    • ‘Some time later the bank went into liquidation.’
    • ‘If you ordered goods from a business that subsequently went into liquidation, your credit card company will reimburse you on production of proof.’
    • ‘Of course, if the company went into liquidation, that would be a different question.’
    • ‘Transfer tax consequences, forced liquidation and business failures are among the dismal results of poor succession planning.’
    • ‘In insolvent liquidation the question arises whether the liquidator, who now runs the company in place of the directors, can claim a contribution to the company's inadequate assets from its members.’
    • ‘Shortly thereafter, the defendant bank went into insolvent liquidation.’
    • ‘The resellers' names came to Microsoft through a dodgy distributor which went into liquidation.’
    • ‘A mystery Danish businessman has vanished after the company he founded went into liquidation owing thousands of pounds.’
    • ‘The Government, usually creditor rather than shareholder, expected to be repaid in full if a firm went into liquidation; it was the private shareholders who lost.’
    • ‘Both banks went into liquidation shortly after the cheques were written, making the cheques extremely rare.’
    • ‘Administration orders were made in respect of the principal companies in the Group in this court on 26 February 1995, and they have subsequently been placed in compulsory insolvent liquidation.’
    • ‘The company went into liquidation and we are currently making the statutory enquiries.’
    collapse, crash, going under, bankruptcy, insolvency, liquidation, close-down, closure, closing, shutting down, winding up, termination
    1. 1.1The conversion of assets into cash (i.e. by selling them).
      ‘But private equity investors especially covet the fact that they stand ahead of holders of the common for the proceeds of asset liquidation in the event of bankruptcy’
      • ‘The whole idea of liquidation is that all assets are liquidated and the proceeds distributed equitably in accordance with the law.’
      • ‘Consequently, older borrowers are less vulnerable to external income and expense shocks because they tend to have more assets available for liquidation.’
      • ‘Eventually, the failing airline runs out of cash and has nothing left to sell, prompting Chapter 7 and liquidation of all remaining assets.’
      • ‘The liquidation of foreign assets brought the largest Austrian commercial bank, to the brink of insolvency, forcing the Austrian government to freeze all its remaining assets.’
      • ‘For many tribal members living off the reservation, liquidation of tribal assets made sense.’
      • ‘It saves squabbling if you specify who inherits each item or the proceeds of liquidation of that asset.’
      • ‘The idea is to shorten drastically all time limits for court proceedings and to achieve fast liquidation of assets so as to rescue operative enterprises.’
      • ‘The liquidation of assets and settlement of all debts was completed in May 1836.’
      • ‘It is hard to say how much was pure shorting, where traders sell borrowed stock hoping to buy it back at a lower price, and how much was genuine liquidation of holdings.’
      • ‘This provides a degree of insurance to the lender that, if the worse happens, the lender can still recoup most or all of the outstanding balance on the loan by the liquidation of these assets.’
      • ‘An administration order may enable the company to survive in some shape or form as an ongoing business and secure a higher value for the company's assets than could be achieved through liquidation.’
      • ‘There had come a point in August of 1998 when underlying stress began to surface in marketplace, and problematic liquidation of dollar holdings commenced.’
      • ‘The liquidation also would have a negative impact on lines of credit, for example, liquidating assets at values that are less than their collateral value at the time of borrowing.’
      • ‘U.S. stocks could face liquidation by foreign holders.’
      • ‘While all money titles can be redeemed at any time, if too many receipt owners desire such liquidation at the same time only a part of these IOUs can be liquidated as promised by the banker.’
      • ‘According to the proposals, employers could only be apportioned cash from the surplus on liquidation of the fund or to avoid possible job losses.’
    2. 1.2The clearing of a debt.
      payment, repayment, paying, paying off, settlement, settling, settling up, clearance, clearing, honouring, meeting, liquidation, defraying, making good
  • 2 informal The killing of someone, typically by violent means.

    • ‘How could a collaborator of the British and a pledged advocate of violent liquidation of minorities, Muslims in particular, be invited to this function?’
    • ‘We should all be obliged to appear before a board every five years and justify our existence… on pain of liquidation.’
    • ‘Take Stalin's liquidation of the kulaks, or the Nazis' mass murder of the Jews.’
    murder, taking of life, assassination, homicide, manslaughter, liquidation, elimination, doing to death, putting to death, execution, dispatch, martyrdom


Mid 16th century from French, from liquider ‘liquidate’, based on Latin liquidus (see liquid).