Meaning of lissomness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɪs(ə)mnəs/


(also lissomeness)

See lissom

‘His feline lissomeness, soft landings and use of plié were at times astonishing.’
  • ‘It was personality made specific in sound, and the music had a lissomeness and fluidity that jazz has mostly lost.’
  • ‘The lissomeness with which he moved hither and thither was most impressive, as was his homicidal ardor when doing what I believe is called tackling.’
  • ‘‘And the statement will have the supple lissomeness of a symphony, the spectacularly thrilling zing of a double-somersault and the finality of a graceful landing,’ he concluded on the triumphant note of a gymnastics commentator.’
  • ‘Women, who just the other day were a symbol of easy lissomeness, now look like models for a new breed of pumpkin, and men passed and stressed out as if they had been asked to work overtime for gratis lifelong.’