Meaning of list MP in English:

list MP


New Zealand
  • An MP elected from a party list, under New Zealand's mixed member proportional voting system.

    ‘he just scraped in as a list MP’
    • ‘A lost MMP electorate just means an additional list MP.’
    • ‘He has accepted the under-fire list MP's resignation following sex scandal allegations.’
    • ‘The National list MP from Te Atatu has embraced social media with the vigour of a giddy teenager.’
    • ‘A list MP's constituency stretches from North Cape to Bluff.’
    • ‘I grew up in west Auckland under the shadow of that great bloke - the list MP for my area.’
    • ‘He's the Labour list MP who actually lives in the electorate.’
    • ‘He will still be in Parliament as a list MP.’
    • ‘I would be amused to hear him justify his taxpayer-funded salary of $150,000 as a list MP with no constituency or job description.’
    • ‘He is almost certain to return as a list MP regardless of whether he wins the seat.’
    • ‘He forgets that she was a mere list mp.’