Meaning of list system in English:

list system


  • A system of voting (used in several European countries) in which votes are cast for a list of candidates rather than an individual, to allow a degree of proportional representation.

    ‘The five geographical constituencies will be returned by direct election under a list system of proportional representation.’
    • ‘Worse still, the party list system encourages internal politics rather than any attempt to get out and engage with the voters.’
    • ‘There is also a touch of arrogance in his plan to return via the list system, rather than by standing for a first-past-the-post seat.’
    • ‘Seats in the assembly will be allocated by proportional representation using a list system.’
    • ‘To remedy this situation, she proposes an enlarged Senate elected on the basis of a list system of proportional representation.’
    • ‘But the results do not bear out the expectations and critics said the list system of proportional representation may have been at least partly to blame for the disappointing outcome for the democracy advocates.’
    • ‘Moreover, Iraqis are not going to have a choice of secular or religious parties, since they are voting on a list system and the lists are mixed.’
    • ‘Neither is there anything democratic about the list system.’
    • ‘The 11 London-wide seats are filled proportionally using the list system.’
    • ‘The party is not standing for any first-past-the-post seats and all its candidates are running for the list system.’
    • ‘But it is not for the party that we vote, although in Scotland this is compromised by the list system.’
    • ‘The election is supposed to be held under a party list system, where voters pick not candidates but political parties.’
    • ‘We are all aware of the problems that the list system has brought about within the Scottish parliament.’
    • ‘The subordinate objects in 1983 were to introduce three things: public funding for candidates and parties, ballot paper party affiliation and the list system.’
    • ‘Elections are held every four years under a rather complicated list system on the principle of proportional representation.’
    • ‘They want to introduce a list system that would not give the public any control over who they vote for.’
    • ‘More radical reform, such as a reduction of the number of constituencies from four to three or even the introduction of a list system, is possible, but considered unlikely.’
    • ‘The elections are based on the list system, similar to that used in Lebanon, where the legislators running in the elections will be chosen from lists of candidates.’
    • ‘Spain, on the other hand, uses the list system exclusively.’
    • ‘Of course, the list system makes it possible for that to happen, and to some degree it has.’