Meaning of literacy hour in English:

literacy hour


  • A period in school set aside for developing reading skills, introduced as a daily requirement in English primary schools in 1998.

    ‘Discover what being ‘literate’ means in terms of your child's schoolwork and read what happens in the literacy hour.’
    • ‘More than nine out of 10 were confident the daily maths hour would raise standards, although the survey showed slightly fewer heads thought pupils were positive about the literacy hour compared with last year.’
    • ‘‘One mother said ‘I now know the meanings of some of the vocabulary used in the literacy hour and my children were very surprised when I could tell them’.’
    • ‘‘The literacy hour is hampering oral work in infant classrooms and failing to develop young children's thinking skills,’ was how it summed up the research.’
    • ‘We have certainly abandoned the literacy hour where it was 10 minutes of this and 10 minutes of that because it was just not reaching out to all children.’