Meaning of literalness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɪt(ə)r(ə)lnəs/


See literal

‘Her early pieces have a literalness that she later discarded in favour of a more open-ended sense of evocation.’
  • ‘As to literalness, the general rule here is to take passages which are meant literally literally and to take passages which are not meant literally unliterally.’
  • ‘But it should only be attempted if the critic first honors the poem's literalness, because the poem's cold power is in its literalness.’
  • ‘It's literalness is so easily consumed that there is no choice but for the work to be ephemeral and meaningless.’
  • ‘Indeed, many current practitioners resist the term outright, thinking that it leads to preaching, agitprop, or telling readers what to do; they equate it with literalness, or a paucity of expression.’