Meaning of lith in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɪθ/


mass noun
  • Photographic film with a very thin coat of emulsion, producing images of high contrast and density.

    as modifier ‘lith film’
    • ‘lith developer’
    • ‘He states that pinholes do not occur with reversal processing of lith film, but we included a water bath anyway since it doesn't take long.’
    • ‘Since lith film is easily damaged by handling, I recommend leaving at least a half-inch border around the enlarged negative for manipulation with tongs or fingers.’
    • ‘The process uses inexpensive lith film and is relatively easy to carry out.’
    • ‘All the ‘Classic’ range have the same easily lith printable emulsion on a choice of white, cream, gloss, stipple, textured papers.’
    • ‘It involves heavily overexposing a suitable black and white paper - usually by two or three stops - and then only partially developing it in a highly diluted lith developer.’


1950s abbreviation of lithography, lithographic.