Meaning of litter tray in English:

litter tray

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(also cat litter tray)
mainly British
  • A shallow receptacle containing absorbent material, typically in granular form, in which a cat can urinate and defecate when indoors.

    ‘I have to clear out the litter tray every morning’
    • ‘Paul hoovered the living room and I dealt with the litter tray.’
    • ‘To add insult to injury, the local cats like to use any bare soil as a litter tray.’
    • ‘Simply washing the feeding bowl with a different detergent or placing it too near the litter tray can upset your cat's feeding habits.’
    • ‘I make sure the cats have food, groom them, clean their litter trays and give them attention!’
    • ‘If you bought a small litter tray for a kitten, check that your cat hasn't outgrown it.’