Meaning of little black dress in English:

little black dress


  • A woman's short or medium-length black dress suitable for almost any social engagement.

    • ‘She took her bath, then dressed carefully in a little black dress with cap sleeves, a v-neck that showed a hint of her cleavage, and fell to just above her black silk stocking covered knees.’
    • ‘A tailored jacket will do it, or a neat little suit, or perhaps a little black dress under a short white trench.’
    • ‘The little black dress, short skirts, and men's jacket worn with a skirt are all vintage Chanel and even today form the basics of a modern woman's wardrobe in western society.’
    • ‘You're all about the things that never go out of style, from little black dresses to comfy-cool khakis.’
    • ‘It's all about scooters and a little black dress.’
    • ‘Not only did she make ‘black’ the black it is today, but she also created the wardrobe staple that none of us can live without - the little black dress!’
    • ‘And a little black dress like this can be repurposed really easily.’
    • ‘What about the supposed fashion staple, the little black dress?’
    • ‘A white shirt, black suit or black trousers, a pair of jeans, a little black dress and a pair of stylish heels can be mixed and matched and accessorised to create several different outfits for just about any occasion.’
    • ‘Cocktail suits, little black dresses with sparkly jewelry - the options are varied and very dressy.’
    • ‘What a contrast, then, with holiday celebrations, which can feel frighteningly familiar: the same faces at every party, crammed into indistinguishable little black dresses and stiletto heels.’
    • ‘Despite the muddy dirt road leading to the seventy acre lake, the few girls who were there were in little black dresses and sharp heels.’
    • ‘And gold accessories - jewellery, handbags and party shoes - are an easy and inexpensive way to update that wardrobe staple: the little black dress.’
    • ‘You will be given a lot of advice on what to wear this season - in particular, what proportion of your outfit should be gold or whether a little black dress can pass.’
    • ‘Of course, like a little black dress or a brown paisley shirt with a butterfly collar, there are some phrases that will never go out of fashion…’
    • ‘Your simple little black dress suddenly seems so… simple.’
    • ‘While the little black dress will always be a safe bet, the trend this year is to be bold with colour and you will find a range of fiery reds, rich pinks, violets and berry shades.’
    • ‘On our behalf, she has promised to give some thought to what to wear to Christmas parties, and it won't be that old staple, the little black dress.’
    • ‘I've always got to have something nice to wear, and I realise that you can't keep rolling out the same little black dress.’
    • ‘A classic little black dress can be brought to life with sparkly strappy sandals, a glitzy purse or the right piece of jewellery.’