Meaning of Little England in English:

Little England

Pronunciation /ˌlɪtl ˈɪŋɡlənd/


  • 1(A name given to) a place considered to resemble or epitomize England on a small scale; a ‘colony’ or microcosm of England; a foreign place full of English people.

  • 2Specifically. The English-speaking area of Pembrokeshire, south-west Wales. More fully "Little England beyond Wales".

  • 3The island of Barbados in the Caribbean, which became a British colony in the 1630s and remained British until 1966.

  • 4 derogatory The inward-looking England supposedly advocated by Little Englanders.

    Earliest in attributive use.


Late 16th century; earliest use found in William Harrison (1535–1593), historian and topographer. From little + the name of England.