Meaning of little green man in English:

little green man


  • An imaginary or hypothetical being from outer space.

    • ‘Sadly for movie buffs of all persuasions, the pyramids weren't built by little green men from outer space, Akhenaton wasn't an alien and in Ancient Egypt it was mainly men who wore the heavy eye makeup.’
    • ‘The eccentric singer reportedly came up with the idea after dreaming he met little green men from outer space.’
    • ‘The kitsch film runs riot with the Martian stereotype: little green men with enormously swollen brains, vivid crimson eyeballs, ray guns and space suits.’
    • ‘The aliens here, though, aren't little green men but people from another society.’
    • ‘It's not just a question of little green men with antennae.’
    • ‘People waiting for little green men in flying saucers should not get their expectations up.’
    • ‘Supposing Martians invade, and settle in, and we find that, apart from the fact that they are little green men, that they speak English with a cut-glass accent, they are all nice and polite and so on.’
    • ‘She said: ‘The tournament has shown that people just want to watch good football, whether it be played by men, women or little green men.’’
    • ‘But strangely, it never crosses our heroes' minds to wonder if the rumoured little green men might be susceptible to a bit of good old-fashioned lead poisoning.’
    • ‘So next time you suspect a UFO has landed in York (as I'm sure they do from time to time), don't bother looking out for little green men.’
    • ‘It is the 1950s and the whole of America seems to be on edge, chilled by the prospect of reds under the beds and invasion by little green men from Mars.’
    • ‘Maybe we'll even spot some little green men, since we're so close.’
    • ‘He doesn't think he's a living God, nor does he think little green men from Mars or the neighbor's dog are giving him orders.’
    • ‘That made me ponder what would happen if it had been the other way about and the little green men on Mars aimed a similar probe at us.’
    • ‘When the flying saucer craze began in 1947, aliens were described as little green men.’
    • ‘I believe that aliens - if they exist - would probably not be little green men, but very like humans.’
    • ‘And, of course, the imaginary little green man is exactly right.’
    • ‘On the plus side, last time I checked, we're not being invaded by hordes of liquid breathing little green men in chrome flying saucers, either.’
    • ‘My initial reaction was that it would be absolutely great if, in fact, the Spirit robot had been captured by the little green men with bulging saucer eyes who inhabit the red planet.’
    • ‘But they are equally quick to emphasise that the findings can be explained without invoking little green men.’
    extraterrestrial, ET