Meaning of little man in English:

little man


  • 1British dialect The little finger.

  • 2A young male child, a boy. Now chiefly as a familiar or affectionate form of address (also "my little man"). Compare "little people", "little woman".

  • 3(The type of) a man of little wealth or status, an undistinguished and ordinary man; the ‘man in the street’. Compare "little people", little guy .

  • 4A small landowner or capitalist; a person working or producing on a small scale; a small craftsman or tradesman; a local man available to do light work.

  • 5In plural. In folklore: small beings with a male human form; elves, leprechauns, etc. Compare "little green man", "little people".


little man

/ˌlɪtl ˈman/ /ˈlɪtl man/


Middle English; earliest use found in St. Michael. From little + man.