Meaning of live-tweet in English:



[with object]
  • Post comments about (an event) on the social media application Twitter while the event is taking place.

    ‘I live-tweet every game’
    • ‘viewers live-tweet during programmes and share opinions in real-time with other viewers’
    • ‘Those of you who follow me on Twitter have probably noticed that I live-tweet the conferences I go to.’
    • ‘The club also consistently tweets in-game coverage, enlisting the help of then injured player Micah Richards, who took over the @MCFC account to live-tweet from a game.’
    • ‘No one live-tweets a conference like you; you make the rest of us feel like we're right there with you at the event.’
    • ‘He live-tweets each episode.’
    • ‘The row was live-tweeted by Gale last Thursday.’
    • ‘The baby's first appearance with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was also "live-tweeted" by the Royal Family's official @ClarenceHouse Twitter account.’
    • ‘On a recent train journey a nearby couple had a comically tumultuous and very public break-up, which she duly live-tweeted in all its glory.’
    • ‘Band biographer John Robb who has live-tweeted nearly every reunion show they've done reported a triumph.’
    • ‘He talks of how shocked he was when he discovered a neighbour was live-tweeting his movements in his London home.’
    • ‘Officials are live-tweeting proceedings from the court, an unprecedented move, presumably designed to convince the public he will receive a fair hearing.’