Meaning of live high on the hog in English:

live high on the hog


(also live high off the hog)
informal North American
  • Have a luxurious lifestyle.

    • ‘There is a serious social side to crime that those who live high on the hog, or luxuriously on stolen taxpayers' money, refuse to see.’
    • ‘People raising families on salaries in the $30,000 - $60,000 range are hardly living high on the hog or setting up trust funds for their kids.’
    • ‘We kind of took it for granted back then, when times were flush and we were living high on the hog.’
    • ‘There will be new jobs, the story said, but don't expect to live high on the hog.’
    • ‘‘I was living high off the hog and it was not a cheap lifestyle to maintain,’ Harksen explained with a shrug.’
    • ‘Soon, he thought, soon it would be him living high on the hog like Lynn.’
    • ‘Everyone else was living high on the hog and paid with cash, I paid with a credit card.’
    • ‘‘Conrad lived high on the hog, that was plain for all to see,’ he replies.’
    • ‘Given your total lifetime income, you don't want to suffer in youth and live high on the hog in old age, or vice versa.’
    • ‘As for supposedly living high on the hog on one's credit cards, one third of all bankruptcy filings are made by families already living under the federal poverty level.’
    live extravagantly, live in the lap of luxury, live in clover