Meaning of live in hope in English:

live in hope


  • Be or remain optimistic about something.

    ‘we live in hope that his mission will succeed’
    • ‘We have been living in hope since she went missing and we were praying this was not Leanne.’
    • ‘His mother still lives in hope of one day finding out what became of her 11-year-old son.’
    • ‘However, one lives in hope that future years may actually witness some inspirational figures.’
    • ‘He lives in hope that he can find more people willing to walk a financial tightrope so that others can tread the boards.’
    • ‘Up to that stage we had still lived in hope that were was some reason why she was still alive and hadn't been in touch.’
    • ‘We ask everyone to join with us in praying for Abigail and live in hope for the future.’
    • ‘With the council telling me a year ago they had no money for widening the road or putting in sleeping policeman, I do not live in hope.’
    • ‘I live in hope, but will no doubt end up in despair!’
    • ‘‘We have been disappointed too many times to expect action being taken but you live in hope,’ he said.’
    • ‘I fear he will not bow to my pressure but I live in hope.’