Meaning of live off the land in English:

live off the land


  • Live on whatever food one can obtain by hunting, gathering, or subsistence farming.

    ‘George used the fieldcraft taught to him by his father to live off the land’
    • ‘Often relocated to disadvantaged areas, the Ojibwa faced poverty and bare subsistence through living off the land and/or farming.’
    • ‘The soldiers learn how to catch food and live off the land.’
    • ‘Some 90 percent of the population live off the land, mostly as subsistence farmers.’
    • ‘They have been living off the land there ever since, joined by a slow but steady stream of family and friends whose faces now look out from the pictures dotted around the display.’
    • ‘During the early 1850s he repeatedly crossed over the mountains and disappeared for months at a time, exploring and living off the land.’
    • ‘For countless generations, our people lived off the land.’
    • ‘Enroute, Gen. Sherman's troops were cut off from other Union forces and lived off the land.’
    • ‘In the century that followed, the Dutch established settlements and devised means to live off the land.’
    • ‘Richard and Sarah moved to Tuscany planning to grow their own vegetables and live off the land, hoping to harvest olives to make olive oil.’