Meaning of live out in English:

live out

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phrasal verb

  • 1live something out, live out somethingDo something in reality that one previously only imagined.

    ‘your wedding day is the one time that you can live out your most romantic fantasies’
    • ‘She's living out her dream.’
    • ‘They can claim they are protecting the religion, when they are really living out their violent fantasies of revenge.’
    • ‘I'm sure they would've been a lot happier if they were living out their dream onstage with a decent performer.’
    • ‘You spend every possible moment living that dream out, and soon it begins to take over your everyday life.’
    • ‘He had these fantasies, and unlike many people, he's lived them out.’
  • 2live something out, live out somethingSpend the rest of one's life in a particular place or particular circumstances.

    ‘he lived out his days as a happy family man’
    • ‘I knew that the rest of my life would be lived out in group homes, or foster homes, or worse, staying at my grandmother's place.’
    • ‘We've always had itchy feet but I can see us living our days out in Turkey.’
    • ‘Down in Texas, at a shabby nursing home called Mud Creek Shady Rest, a fat wreck of a man is living out his final days.’
    • ‘He lived out the last quarter-century of his existence in the place he loved best, though still remembering the Italy, Egypt and India of his youth.’
    • ‘He could have lived out his years proud to have served his country and regarded as a hero from America's last ‘good’ war.’
    • ‘Butler was given a house by one of his wealthy admirers up there, and lived out the last three or four years of his life in this kind of subdivision, at the end of a cul-de-sac.’
    • ‘All of these men would have lived out their lives in impotent obscurity had their families remained in England.’
    • ‘That horse lived out his life in comfort in a warm barn with more straw and oats than he could use.’
    • ‘Galileo's sentence was to renounce his theory and to live out the rest of his days in a pleasant country house near Florence.’
    • ‘I imagine it's a great relief to him to be living his life out on a remote Pacific island.’
  • 3British (of an employee or student) reside away from the place where one works or studies.