Meaning of live rail in English:

live rail

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  • An additional rail supplying electric current, used in some electric railway systems.

    ‘a girl has died after stepping on a live rail’
    • ‘British Transport police said the woman was lucky to be alive because the live rail had been carrying 750 volts.’
    • ‘We had to stick close together and avoid the live rail.’
    • ‘As well as the risk of being hit by a train, there is the risk of electrocution from live rails or overhead lines.’
    • ‘If he had moved his leg one foot, he would have touched the live rail and there's 750 volts going through that.’
    • ‘He had fallen onto the line and broken his leg, and it took some time to switch off the live rail.’
    • ‘She hoped that publicity surrounding the case would help to highlight the dangers of live rails.’