Meaning of live sheep trade in English:

live sheep trade


the live sheep trade
  • The export of live sheep, especially from Australia to the Middle East.

    ‘northern exporters are distancing themselves from the live sheep trade in southern Australia’
    • ‘The countries have still not agreed on a memorandum of understanding for the resumption of live sheep trade.’
    • ‘The live sheep trade is worth $350 million a year.’
    • ‘Once a month, the area smells terrible because the live sheep trade operates out of its harbour.’
    • ‘An Australian animal rights group is making an official complaint about conditions in the live sheep trade.’
    • ‘He's played a role in developing the protocols in relation to the cattle and live sheep trade.’
    • ‘The company makes more than the whole live sheep trade in Western Australia.’
    • ‘The Agriculture Minister says restarting the live sheep trade with could be worth $100 million a year.’
    • ‘West Australian police are investigating death threats made to employees of a company involved in the live sheep trade.’
    • ‘About 75 per cent of Australia's live sheep trade comes from WA, where exports remain in limbo after the federal government stopped issuing permits last week.’
    • ‘Because of the controversy generated by the shipment of the 21,000 sheep, there are calls for the phase out and prohibition of the live sheep trade.’