Meaning of live the dream in English:

live the dream


  • Have a lifestyle that is perceived as wonderful or perfect.

    • ‘the couple seemed to be living the dream three gorgeous children and a plush pad in Kensington’
    • ‘It allows hundreds of people to live the dream of running their own vineyard, without the hassle, red tape or worry.’
    • ‘In so many ways, she's living the dream, working with children as a schoolteacher and recently engaged to be married.’
    • ‘If you'd like to live the dream too, why not chat to others who are planning to retire abroad?’
    • ‘"For a few hours, they can live the dream and experience the excitement of being a firefighter."’
    • ‘He is living the dream as a sports photographer.’
    • ‘Born in California, raised in Brazil and a resident of the Virgin Islands since 1975, she says she "is living the dream" as an artist and gallery owner.’
    • ‘Though she had great support from her students, she is thrilled to be finally living the dream and looking forward to the release of her first album in September.’
    • ‘Despite living the dream under the Los Angeles sun, she says she does miss life back in Blighty.’
    • ‘With too much money and time on his hands, Zach looks like he's living the dream.’
    • ‘My life is certainly different because of the show, but I'm living the dream and I wouldn't change that for the world.’