Meaning of live together in English:

live together

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phrasal verb

  • (especially of a couple not married to each other) share a home and have a sexual relationship.

    ‘they eventually decided to tie the knot after living together for eight years’
    • ‘The couple was living together and the girl wanted to continue the relationship.’
    • ‘It's really important that couples living together get the legal protection they need.’
    • ‘The couple had been living together for three years and were planning to buy a house.’
    • ‘The couple had lived together for only ten days and were planning to get married.’
    • ‘In England and Wales over two million couples currently live together without being married.’
    • ‘At one time, a couple living together without being married was regarded as shameful.’
    • ‘The couple were unmarried and lived together for nineteen years.’
    • ‘They'd known each other their entire lives, and living together was a natural progression for them.’
    • ‘Your relationship changed quite drastically when you started living together.’
    • ‘They were seen together so often in New York that close friends considered them a couple, though they never lived together.’