Meaning of liverish in English:


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  • 1Slightly ill, as though having a disordered liver.

    ‘Everyone's feeling a bit liverish this morning, because we had to have the hacks' reception at Bute House last night.’
    ‘The liver is very sensitive to stress, so eating lots of fatty foods can make you feel liverish, aggravate the symptoms of irritable-bowel syndrome and disrupt sleeping patterns.’
    slightly unwell, not well, not very well, not oneself, not in good shape, out of sorts
    1. 1.1Unhappy and bad-tempered.
      ‘The weather made me liverish, the talk of the ordinary Englishman made me sick, I couldn't get enough exercise, and the amusements of London seemed as flat as soda-water that has been standing in the sun.’
      ‘If Jupiter, the god of Rome, looks liverish, he has cause.’
      bad-tempered, irascible, irritable, grumpy, grouchy, crotchety, tetchy, testy, crusty, curmudgeonly, ill-tempered, ill-natured, ill-humoured, peevish, cross, as cross as two sticks, fractious, disagreeable, pettish, crabbed, crabby, waspish, prickly, peppery, touchy, scratchy, splenetic, shrewish, short-tempered, hot-tempered, quick-tempered, dyspeptic, choleric, bilious, liverish, cross-grained
  • 2Resembling liver in colour.

    ‘a liverish red’
    • ‘The most striking Delubac piece is a diamond serpent necklace with liverish amethyst spots and protruding cabochon eyes.’
    • ‘Most of those will make it to the top of Arthur's Seat, an area of pitted, liverish rock the size of large sitting room.’
    • ‘Other pieces call to mind other color words - puce, cream, chartreuse, peat, liverish, brass - that seem almost right but are, in the end, wrong.’
    • ‘On the walls, liverish or bilious colours such as some shades of green can be difficult, as can very bright fluorescent shades.’