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living death


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  • A state of existence that is as bad as being dead; a life of hopeless and unbroken misery.

    ‘her life was a living death and there was nowhere she could escape to’
    • ‘In September 1886, Massai was among the prisoners on an army train hauling the last of Geronimo's followers away to the living death of a prison camp in Florida.’
    • ‘I wish to advance some thought for those with early-onset Alzheimers Disease as my husband died of this, aged 62 years, after years of a living death.’
    • ‘There are around 33 million widows in India and they are condemned to a living death, not just in Orissa and Gujerat, but all over the country.’
    • ‘It is funny, tender and quite tough, swerving from sentimentality in the same way that the nephew narrowly avoids a living death for the rest of his life.’
    • ‘At its most extreme, it postulates the idea that life and not death is the real punishment and that to disobey the call is to endure a living death.’
    • ‘After that, it's a slow, sad decline into first a living death before the literal one.’
    • ‘Women no longer have to face a living death, as their families grow up and leave home.’
    • ‘For some reason, I think of marriage as a living death.’
    • ‘What struck me, though, was the idea that these people were so afraid of really living their lives that in many ways they had chosen instead a living death.’
    • ‘She is writing or rewriting herself into being after what she calls ‘a living death of thirty years’.’
    • ‘To suddenly start fearing everything that could go wrong is to be in a living death, I think.’
    • ‘In moments of depression, I start to think that perhaps my mother was right, and I should have realised this about myself, given in to living death and pursued some corporate career.’
    • ‘It is a kind of living death; sitting in the auditorium and trying to affix your attention to the funereal pageant of dully unrewarding scenes and images is like having a kilo of wet cement injected into your skull.’
    • ‘My friends and classmates are dropping like flies, following me into the realm of living death.’
    • ‘Legends of living death seem perfectly suited to these spiritual miscarriages.’
    • ‘That kind of living death wherein someone is given a specific sentence must be the most disturbing.’
    • ‘The Convent girls are transported beyond the life-death dichotomy into a kind of living death reminiscent of African religions.’
    • ‘Your client has described this decision as leaving her in a position of almost living death, a limbo, where she can't really get on with her life.’
    • ‘The adulterous woman experiences living death in the house of her husband.’
    • ‘We can no more get out of this living death than a fish can dry itself off.’