Meaning of living space in English:

living space


mass noun
  • 1Space within a building in which a person or people may live.

    ‘each of the houses has 74 square metres of living space’
    • ‘Townhouses, while overcoming most of those disadvantages, commonly offer only narrow, confined living space.’
    • ‘This luxurious living space comes equipped with all the comforts of home.’
    • ‘Numerous vintage buildings are being transformed into loft-like living space for people who actually want to live downtown.’
    • ‘They have more living space, spend less for food of equal or better quality, have higher rates of automobile and home ownership, and routinely own many goods that would be considered luxuries in Europe.’
    • ‘The house has 130 square metres of living space and entrance is through an entrance hall with ceramic tiled floor.’
    • ‘There were still 4 million urban households cramming into living space of less than four square metres per person.’
    • ‘"The restricted living spaces of many new homes has affected their popularity," he says.’
    • ‘It seems that the tower would be an ideal site for offices or living space.’
    • ‘Although residents own or rent their own living space, the common house is shared space.’
    • ‘His wage has earned him a spacious living space in a central location.’
    • ‘Will the hilltop be transformed into another trendy living space aimed at serving middle-income professionals?’
    1. 1.1count noun The place in which a person lives, in particular the part of a house or flat excluding the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.
      ‘the kitchen is separated from the living space by a breakfast bar’
      • ‘The plan of the old house was able to be reorganized by removing the kitchen and main living spaces to a new extension at the rear.’
      • ‘Its versatile layout should generate interest among friends who want to buy together while having separate living spaces.’
      • ‘He put the main living spaces on the harbor side of the house.’
      • ‘The remodelled interior features large open-plan living spaces with floor-to-ceiling picture windows and designer fittings.’
      • ‘Poorly insulated foundations have a negative impact on home energy use and comfort, especially if the family uses the lower parts of the house as a living space.’
      • ‘We decided to extend the hardwood of the dining area into the kitchen for continuity and a look that made the kitchen seem more like a living space.’
      • ‘The main piece of furniture for most people in a living space will be the sofa.’
      • ‘Last year I had a job converting a garage into a living space.’
      • ‘I am not a fan of a living space filled with knick-knacks, trinkets, and lots of general stuff.’
      • ‘The majority of lofts can be converted and will provide you with often the most attractive and largest living space in the house.’
      • ‘The living space had only an earth floor and a big Aga range.’
      • ‘So if you want a complete overhaul of your living room, consisting of expanding the living space and adding a wall for a home office, then an interior designer is in order.’
      • ‘Morse offers itself as television for those who neither arrange their living spaces around the television set nor watch violent and formulaic police series.’
      • ‘The living spaces face south to the lake and open onto a wood deck running the length of the house.’
      • ‘At the opposite end is the kitchen, separated from the living space by a breakfast bar.’
  • 2Land needed by a group or people to live in.

    ‘urban communities in need of more living space’
    • ‘millions of homeless people who arrived in as refugees needed living space’
    • ‘Narrow as these spaces may be, it's possible to turn them into real gardens, or to use them for extra living space.’
    • ‘This redevelopment is becoming increasingly popular today, especially in urban communities in need of more living space.’
    • ‘The decontamination of these sites in many parts of the country provides living space for many Americans.’
    • ‘Redevelopment is thus improving the quality of living conditions, providing more living space and relieving traffic congestion.’
    • ‘Several of their cutting-edge projects share the same goal: to deliver practical and pleasant living spaces for people who need them desperately.’
    • ‘Millions of homeless people who had either lost their homes through the bombing raids, or had arrived in West Germany as refugees, needed living space.’
    • ‘The conviction that this living space could be gained only in the east, and specifically from Russia, formed the core of this idea, and shaped his policy after his take-over of power in Germany in 1933.’
    • ‘As America expands its living space into currently lightly populated areas like deserts, cornfields, and former nuclear waste dumps, you're going to see a lot more of these cities pop up across the nation.’
    • ‘Living space in the congested cities is scarce.’
    • ‘The chief task of the working class to put pressure on their governments to relinquish living space and raw materials.’


    Used as a translation of Lebensraum.