Meaning of living standard in English:

living standard


usually living standards
  • The quality of housing, material comfort, and wealth experienced by an individual or group.

    ‘a decline in basic living standards’
    • ‘He has called for the rehabilitation of the irrigation furrow to improve people's living standards.’
    • ‘We have seen policy that didn't work for the people whose jobs, living standards, and communities were affected.’
    • ‘We need a national "living wage"—a required minimum floor that provides a basic living standard for all workers.’
    • ‘The gap between living standards in Australia and New Zealand is growing wider as each day goes by.’
    • ‘We face major challenges in trying to put life into empty promises to reverse the ecological degradation and falling living standards that afflict much of the world.’
    • ‘For the past 15 years Spain has seen spectacular growth, dramatically improving living standards, and a housing boom that brought new wealth and hundreds of thousands of jobs.’
    • ‘This is a real decline in living standards, manifested as a real increase in the number of people who are cold, sick, and hungry.’
    • ‘Improvements in living standards have reduced the mortality from infectious diseases.’
    • ‘He plans to bring together top-level administration policy makers to draw up plans to raise living standards for families.’
    • ‘The new initiative sought to raise the living standards of the poorest residents.’