Meaning of loach in English:


Pronunciation /ləʊtʃ/


  • A small elongated bottom-dwelling freshwater fish with several barbels near the mouth, found in Eurasia and north-western Africa.

    Family Cobitidae and Homalopteridae (or Balitoridae): several genera and numerous species

    ‘In order to bring to light the Indian varieties there are about 13 species of fish from the Western Ghats, which include half-beak fish, danio, loaches and rasboras.’
    • ‘We have a freshwater fish tank community of tetras, catfish, gouramis and loaches.’
    • ‘Clown loaches are schooling fish that should never be kept alone!’
    • ‘Another extreme example of habitat adaptation is found in hillstream loaches, which live in the steep, torrential watercourses of Asiatic hillstreams.’
    • ‘The loach had to go, it was eating all the food and had grown enormous.’


Middle English from Old French loche, of unknown origin.