Meaning of loading shovel in English:

loading shovel


  • A vehicle with a power-operated shovel for scooping up material and carrying it short distances.

    ‘The fish was scooped off the road and onto another lorry with loading shovels, while the fire brigade power-hosed the greasy road.’
    • ‘On another occasion he is alleged to have set fire to two compressors and a loading shovel at a business premises, using rags soaked in diesel.’
    • ‘Although the rubbish from Mr Buckley's wagon had been tipped to the side, the men operating the loading shovels, which compacted the waste to the back of the building, said unless rubbish was cordoned off, it would still be pushed back.’
    • ‘Overnight on Friday a large loading shovel was driven into a 20 ft roller door on the grain store causing considerable damage.’
    • ‘That was at a time when there were no loading shovels and the road makers like Padraig had to depend on shovel spade and pickaxe to dig and load.’
    • ‘Stabilised compost is transferred by loading shovel from Stage 2 tunnels to the Maturation Pad.’
    • ‘For convenience in description, the semi-automatic hydraulic excavator is a loading shovel by way of example.’
    • ‘Anderton & Kitchen have recently expanded its fleet to include loading shovels and currently run JCB 436 HT's.’
    • ‘They work on power cranes, bulldozers, graders, backhoes, railcars, stripping and loading shovels, and other types of heavy equipment.’
    • ‘When ordering, bear in mind that Goubard also makes customised skips as well as accessories and customised loading shovels and buckets.’
    • ‘Hitachi's loading shovels offer power and ease of use to let you handle the biggest loads on any mining & construction site.’
    • ‘For smaller recycling operations, it may be more effective to use an excavator which can also function as a loading shovel.’
    • ‘However, the physical size of the valve bodies of the valve assemblies needed for larger front loading shovels is such that specialized manufacturing equipment, i.e., both foundry equipment for casting the body and precision machining tooling for machining the castings would have to be acquired to make the valves.’
    • ‘JCB India has got a wide range that includes, Excavator loaders, Front-end loaders, Articulated loading shovels, Tracked Excavators, Telehandlers, Vibratory compactors and Skid Steers.’
    • ‘We stock hydraulic pumps, track motors, swing motors, swing reducers, oil coolers and thousands of fast moving parts to keep your Samsung excavators and loading shovels moving.’
    • ‘Atlas Weyhausen now manufacture a range of compaction rollers - bringing the high performance and unrivalled build quality of ATLAS loading shovels to compaction equipment.’
    • ‘You will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of excavators, dumptrucks, rockbreaking equipment and loading shovels.’
    • ‘A refuse removing truck has a loading mechanism with a loading shovel (refuse feeding and pressing plate) and a refuse receiving chamber in which a loading shovel holder can swivel around a swivelling axis to which the loading shovel is secured so as to swivel around an axis.’